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CA offers an infrastructure that is user-friendly and also covers core domains, like coin prices, exchange listings, arbitrage spreads, price&arbitrage alerts and fee schedules

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No matter you are an entry or expert level investor, Coin Arbitrage is equipped to take your investments to the next level. Take your place in the world of crypto currency arbitrage with CA's easy and understandable interface and useful tools.

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Simplest form to make high-frequency trades with very low-risk returns


Take the advantage of a mobile friendly environment, web app is exactly compatible with all mobile devices.


A unique tool that offers ease of use to those interested in arbitrage business at all levels.

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All the features you would expect from an arbitrage tool and more. No more Excel sheets and complicated manual calculations. All tools that you need for arbitrage business are at one place.


You can be one step ahead of other traders by using our unique price&arbitrage alerts and push&email notifications.


Our reliable and enhanced servers provide high speed and 99.99% time.

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Maximise your profit chance with our innovative Price or Arbitrage Alert function.

Just set up the alerts you need and let our alert engine searches the arbitrage spreads and sends notifications when hit!

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This platform is specially designed for users that need to monitor arbitrage opportunities between exchanges on a single platform. Now go to our modeling tool and simulate your arbitrage spreads!

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Stay tuned! Our one of a kind & unique coin arbitrage application will be released soon, the best ever arbitrage helper app.

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How Coin Arbitrage Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Arbitrage is a simple low-risk trading strategy aiming to profit from small, split-second price differences between cryptocurrency exchanges. It works by simultaneously buying and selling the same coin at favourable prices whenever there is an opportunity, and requires keeping an available balance of both coins which make up the pair (ie ETH/BTC).

We present the price of any digital asset in the various markets where it is sold. On many occasions, the buy and sell price can vary from market to market. As a result, you can leverage these price differences to perform arbitrage on the asset or you can use the information to make educated buying and selling decisions.

We have found that the best way to use our platform is to sign into the exchanges before trying to execute a trade. By doing so, you can take advantage of a trade the instant you see an opportunity, rather than having to sign in and miss the opportunity because you were too slow.

Consider these factors:
1. Higher avg spread diff is generally favourable.
2. Higher volume is generally favourable.
3. Higher volatility is generally favourable.
4. Make sure you're willing to hold the coin!

To give an example, the spread you see on our site is calculated as the 4.96% between the lowest asking price 100 and the highest bidding price 105 across all available markets. The displayed spread also accounts for the trading fees on the exchanges in question. This result can be refined as you see fit – for example, excluding markets from a particular exchange, or excluding all trading pairs of a particular currency.

Yes. When you sign up, you'll receive full access free trail for 7 days.

It depends on the pair you choose, the volatility, the spread difference, the trading volume, and other market factors. It's not possible to predict, but the returns have been great since the start of our business.

Trading fees are already taken into account by our algorithms.

Our platform shows you the arbitrage opportunities – you have to execute the trades yourself.

In order to take advantage of the various arbitrage opportunities, you must have a trading account set up at the relevant exchanges. Ultimately, you should use whichever exchanges you feel most comfortable with.

The general risks are:
1. The price of both coins in your pair may go down.
2. Since your coins are stored on the exchanges, you're subject to a counterparty risk.
3. While arbitrage is a low-risk trading strategy, individual trades may result in a loss.

The best way to reach us is through our social platforms, https://t.me/CoinArbitrageEN or https://twitter.com/CoinArbitrageio, or email us at [email protected]. We are very active on all platforms, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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